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Red Panama (toquilla straw), red and gold arabesque pattern braid.

Height of the cap: 11 cm. 

Edge width: 6 cm. 

Completely handmade. 

  • Interview

    The Panama is a palm fiber hat called “Paja Toquilla”, which provides unparalleled comfort and protection against the sun. Handled and maintained with care, your panama is the most durable hat in the world.

    - Do not wear it in the rain

    - Store it flat if possible in a clean and humid place (laundry room - bathroom - cigar cellar, etc.), with tissue paper in the cap. To hydrate the straw, moisten it from time to time with a water mist all year round.

    - Avoid pinching the top of the hat when putting it on or taking it off. Learn the gestures of the hat, putting it on and taking it off by handling it by the wings (edges of the hat).

    - Do not let traces of perspiration become embedded in the straw, if necessary clean it with a white cotton cloth and a mild soap.

    - Avoid leaving your straw hats on the rear shelves of vehicles, in a few hours they will be dehydrated and brittle

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