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Laure Fessard, milliner and creator of Maison Laurette

Passionate about hats, Laure Fessard founded her house in Paris in 2018 and then settled in Deauville where she very quickly had the opportunity to make extravagant and trendy designs for an international clientele. Panama hats, boaters, fedoras, hats, turbans, headbands... Laure creates chic and refined headpieces for special occasions or to wear every day.


“Milliner is a profession that requires deep know-how of materials, patience and a lot of creativity. You have to have a taste for shapes, know how to play with proportions, and above all pay particular attention to the harmony of materials and colors.” Guided by this aspiration to find the right balance, she imagines each design to match and reveal a personality. Her hats sculpt the silhouette, define the look and emphasize the style according to the moods and the seasons.


Thanks to her mastery of traditional French millinery techniques and her exceptional know-how, Laure obtained the title of Artisan d'Art in 2023.

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